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We're On a Mission!

Ecommerce That's Better For The Planet

Our industry has a huge environmental impact. We're pushing to reduce this through better business practices and increased awareness of smart tech solutions and service providers.

Ecommerce That's Better For People

Competitive markets and squeezed margins can lead to a race to the bottom - and real lives are impacted by this pressure! We're here to push for a more compassionate, ethical approach to ecommerce.

Ecommerce That's Better For Profit

Businesses doing the right thing should be winning! Profit is not a dirty word. We're here to champion those going the extra mile, and show how a more mindful approach to business is richly rewarded.

Let's do this together!

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How We're Helping

The MindfulCommerce Community

Connecting like-minded people (via our FREE, private Circle Community) to enable better collaboration, honest feedback and new opportunities.

The MindfulCommerce Directory

Enabling easier access to ecommerce experts who can help your business grow – at the same time as sharing your vision of a more sustainable industry.

The MindfulCommerce Framework

A clear, informative resource full of easy to follow steps, ideas and links to people who can help make your ecommerce business more sustainable and positively impactful.

The MindfulCommerce Education Hub

A rich library of shared resources for ecommerce businesses to learn and grow with sustainability and positive impact at their core.

Support packages
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We offer a range of supporter packages to help us keep the lights on (energy-efficient bulbs all the way!) Align your brand with our movement and signal your intention to build a more sustainable, ethical business.

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When it comes to making a difference, we're running out of time. Our planet desperately needs ecommerce to pull together and find a greener path forwards. Please help us grow – this isn't about vanity, it's survival!

Join The Community

If you're not able to become a supporter, become a member! Our growing community of passionate ecommerce professionals offers a wealth of knowledge and provides an unbeatable sounding board for your ideas. Regular events and private communication channels.

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