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Already supporting lots of amazing sustainable brands (Blue Lagoon Skincare, Herbaly, OpenWater and so many more), ShipBob offer AI-powered, carbon neutral fulfilment fulfilment solutions - with a heart. Their super smart algorithm automatically selects the best warehouse and carrier for the quickest turnaround at the best price - saving merchants an average of 13% on their bottom line.

ShipBob enables distributed inventory, meaning merchants can strategically split their stock of products across fulfilment locations to get items from point A to point B more quickly and affordably. This is also a win for the planet - reducing the distances that your goods ultimately have to travel!

Additionally, ShipBob offers some really helpful order and inventory management features. Manage subscriptions, filter orders by fulfilment status, make post-purchase changes, and share tracking information automatically. You can also view inventory, set reorder notifications, easily bundle core products, and gain much deeper insights into your future buying strategy, based on stock levels.

Why We Love ShipBob 😊

ShipBob were the first fully carbon-neutral fulfilment company! They offset their own carbon footprint, for their own headquarters in Chicago and across their entire global fulfilment centre network. They've even looked at their historic impact to retroactively offset past emissions!

Beyond their own (excellent) efforts, ShipBob also empowers its customers to harness the power of AI to easily offset their own carbon emissions, via their Pachama app. The app can automatically offset carbon created by the ShipBob customer via investments in Pachama's verified forest projects, ranging from the North Atlantic coast of the US to the Amazon rainforest.

We love ShipBob because they provide a simple, streamlined way for merchants to become 100% carbon-neutral when it comes to order fulfilment - they just need to install the Pachama integration from the Apps & Integrations page of the ShipBob dashboard to get started instantly.