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Opinew help merchants get their stores bursting with social proof in minutes, by seamlessly importing existing marketplace reviews. They're the only app on Shopify using Machine Learning to boost the best converting reviews to the top of page, leading to conversion uplift of 20-30% in some cases! Opinew also helps to generate UGC via automated requesting of reviews via email and SMS.

A range of helpful integrations keeps things running smoothly with your existing tech stack. Want to send review requests via Klaviyo? No problem. Want your support team to monitor reviews? Automatically send a ticket to Gorgias. Using advanced search and filter apps? Opinew have you covered. Finally, they offer a range of beautiful, fully customizable widgets that are perfectly optimized for page speed – integrate and display your reviews exactly as you'd like.

Why We Love Opinew ⭐️

Opinew are Gold level supporters of MindfulCommerce, and we're incredibly grateful to them for contributing to the movement in such a generous way. Their ongoing support enables us to reach more brands and ecommerce experts to spread our message and help them start to make positive changes.

At MindfulCommerce, we also love to see brands leveraging UGC. Reviews are a great way to help your customers make better-informed purchase decisions. This leads to great satisfaction, and as a result, fewer returned packages. Happier customers, lower transportation emissions – everyone wins in this situation!

Opinew place a strong focus on promoting high-quality purchases - items that will be useful, fit for purpose and in use for a long time. They work with brands who want to promote this quality in their items, via the social proof that reviews can provide, and we're in full support of people buying better, buying less and using longer.

Aside from anything else, Opinew is a big time saver - and if you're a time poor, smaller or younger brand, working with their tech is going to free you up to focus on other areas of your business - such as applying the MindfulCommerce Sustainability Framework!

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