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Kollectify - hero banner


"Mindfully Communicate your efforts and inspire others to do the same". Kollectify was founded by MindfulCommerce's Co-founder, Krissie! Kollectify is a content marketing agency working with ecommerce businesses (with a specialism in ecommerce tech) to increase engagement, loyalty and retention through the power of brand positioning and content. The team is very passionate about making sure every piece of content they produce for their clients is educational, meaningful and valuable for their audience.

Krissie is on a mission to make the ecommerce world a better place and Kollectify's profits go straight into running the MindfulCommerce community.

Services include: authentic brand positioning strategy, content marketing strategy, technical SEO, content creation, website copy, email marketing, Shopify App Store listing optimisation (specialism) and social media strategies.

Why We Love Kollectify 🌈

We are incredibly thankful to Krissie and her team for building and sustaining the MindfulCommerce community.

Mindful Communications is one of the most important pieces to the MindfulCommerce puzzle. Kollectify helps ecommerce businesses to use their voice to set an example when it comes to sustainability and ethics.

Krissie and her team empower businesses like yours to feel good about the work you're doing and guide you to effectively communicate your message - so that you can inspire others to do the same.

Positioning your business in the mindful ecommerce market is super important - it is how we advocate for change and avoid focusing on things like overconsumption and sales, sales, sales!

By working with Kollectify, you'll not only improve your business by aligning with more conscious customers and clients, but you'll also contribute to keeping the MindfulCommerce Community alive!