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Ecommerce is growing, and so is its impact on our planet. We’re here to champion the brands making a difference, by helping them find the tech and partners they need to succeed.


Something Has To Change

And we’d rather it wasn’t the climate. When it comes to emissions, overconsumption and waste, ecommerce is problematic – but we firmly believe it can be part of the solution. With years of experience in the sector, we created The MindfulCommerce Directory to help support the online retailers fighting for a better future.

something has to change

The Tide Is Turning

This isn’t wishful thinking. There’s a real sea change in modern commerce. The rise of conscious consumerism shows no signs of slowing, and the smartest brands are sitting up and paying attention. The MindfulCommerce Directory exists to help the brands serious about succeeding – connecting passion and ambition to industry experience and expertise.

tide is turning 2

Our pillars of sustainability

Mindful business

The way you do business

Mindful sourcing

Your supply chain

Mindful footprint

Greening your operations

Mindful deliveries

Packaging & fulfillment

Mindful products

Products that make a difference

Mindful communications

Use your voice & communicate your message

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How does it work?

Careful Curation

We select solutions and services with a proven track record and passion for sustainable ecommerce.

Smart Selection

The Directory makes it quick and easy to find the help you need. Just select your category and filter for the perfect match.

Conscious Collaboration

Brands and experts get to work making the world a better place together – mission accomplished!

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Let’s Do This Together

Our Directory puts you in touch with the experts ready to take your brand to the next level – but we also wanted to create a space for our growing community to learn from each other. Join to benefit from the experience and wisdom of like-minded brands and experts, and share your own valuable insights. We run free events, host a podcast, share members' exclusive deals and much more.

Let's do this together
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