Mindful products

Pillar 2: Mindful Products

What do we mean by "Mindful Products"?

“Products that make a difference”

Beyond making sure our products are sourced sustainably, this pillar goes one stage further. How can the items you sell be part of the solution, as opposed to just not being part of the problem? We explore ways in which you can extend your products' life and adopt a professional "reduce, reuse, recycle" mentality.

Topics within this pillar include:

  • Transparency

  • Innovation

  • Reducing Waste 

Like every other pillar, we include quick wins and big wins.

The quick wins in this pillar will help you to represent your entire business and brand identity through your products. It's vital that your products play their part in your mission to communicate your efforts to become a more sustainable, ethical and mindful business. 

By making some small tweaks to the products you sell, you can have a considerable impact, that grows alongside your sales!

The big wins in this pillar go even further and help you to think outside the box when it comes to making your products a key component of a more mindful enterprise.

While some will require a little more commitment and thought, you'll be rewarded for your efforts.

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