Mindful Deliveries

Pillar 3: Mindful Deliveries

What do we mean by "Mindful Deliveries"?

“Packaging & Fulfillment”

When many people think of sustainable ecommerce, their minds go immediately to delivery. While we hope this Framework proves that there's much more to being a mindful ecommerce business than simply making the greenest choices around packaging and shipping methods, it is undeniably a big part of the puzzle.

This pillar explores the ways in which you can minimise the impact of the final journey your products take as they're sent out to your customers. 

Plus we will examine the impact that our current culture of returning goods is having on our planet.

Topics include:

  • Packaging Use

  • Emissions From Delivery & Returns

  • Delivery Methods

The quick wins in this pillar offer instant impact. Deliveries are such a huge component of any ecommerce business and it’s important to make every possible improvement to protect the planet.

If this means starting small, that's absolutely fine. These minor adjustments can have a significant effect on your impact.

The big wins in this pillar bring significant changes, bringing significant results. With deliveries forming such a core component of your business, obviously any big changes you can make here are going to pay real dividends to the planet. 

Investing some time, effort and resources into this area of your operations ticks a lot of boxes. Not only by reducing your impact, but also by providing a visible example of your progressive attitude and intentions to the public. 

Customers will appreciate your direct and tangible point of contact between your business and their experience as they receive their package.

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