CarbonClick Cover Image
CarbonClick Cover Image


CarbonClick is on a mission to help reverse climate change by making online shopping more climate friendly. They aim to provide a simple and cost effective way for brands to power up their sustainability, by adding their distinctive green offsetting button to checkout pages.

The process is sleek, fully integrated and incredibly appealing to audiences keen to reduce the impact of their shopping habits. And they don’t stop there. Individuals and businesses can also work with CarbonClick to monitor (and mitigate) their own carbon footprints.

Why We Love CarbonClick 🌳

We love CarbonClick’s unique “blended basket” approach to carbon offsets, which aims to ensure that (wherever possible) some of the good you do is felt locally. Depending on where you’re from, your carbon offset will automatically be sourced from projects close to you. If no local project exists, it will default to broader international projects.

They’re also savvy about how their offsetting funds are invested – and this is so important! 50% of their funds are allocated to local flagship forest regeneration or conservation projects, while the remaining 50% heading to high-impact international clean energy projects. Did we mention their staff are only allowed to commute to work or meetings via electric-powered or public transport?!

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