Pillar 5: Mindful Communications

What do we mean by "Mindful Communications"?

“Using your voice”

You're on your way to saving the planet, now tell the world! In this pillar of the Framework, we explore the ways in which you can spread the message about the good work that you're doing. 

By clearly communicating all of the amazing work you're doing to lessen your impact, you'll be inspiring other brands to take similar action. 

This is how the MindfulCommerce message spreads - so thank you!

Topics inside this pillar include:

  • Transparent Communications

  • Industry-wide Campaigns

  • Awareness

  • Advocacy

The quick wins in this pillar will bring instant results and explore some of the snappiest ways of spreading the word, and by extension, the wider mission for a greener ecommerce sector.

The big wins in this pillar bring significant results. If we're going to see real change in ecommerce, it's time to get noisy. If you have the capacity to implement some of these big wins for Mindful Communication, you will better position your business and ensure maximum return on all your good work. 

Plus, you'll be boosting the profile of the wider cause - getting the message out there to many, many more people, and you’ll contribute to keeping the snowball rolling.

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