Pillar 6: Mindful Business

What do we mean by "Mindful Business"?

“The way you do business”

For your business to be truly sustainable, it needs to be built on solid, mindful foundations. In this pillar, we invite you to reflect on what's underpinning your business, its purpose and attitude. 

What kind of consumption and purchasing behaviours are you encouraging? What kind of impact are you having on the wider society? 

Let's make sure we're all getting out of bed for the right reasons in the morning!

Topics inside this pillar include:

  • Sustainable Consumption

  • Stakeholders

  • Purpose & Profit

  • Circular Economy

  • Social Impact

The quick wins in this pillar are the quickest, most impactful ways to start to shift the base of your business towards a more sustainable model. We start by thinking about the way in which you encourage your customers to behave. 

We all want to see healthy sales but overconsumption is a huge issue, and is often whipped up by brands - heavy discounting and promotion that relies on a sense of panic and urgency. The quick wins will help you to find the right balance.

The big wins in this pillar help you to address the underlying purpose and model of your business (for especially significant results) - you'll need to dig deep.

We'll explore some of the bigger steps you can take to really address the "soul" of your business. Those underpinning structures and values that can help you make a real difference and will help ensure the success of your MindfulCommerce journey.

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