Pillar 1: Mindful Sourcing

What do we mean by "Mindful Sourcing"?

As an ecommerce brand, you aren’t going to get far without having products on your (virtual) shelves! This pillar asks you to address ways in which you might be able to have a positive impact on sourcing and supply chains. By taking action at this very foundational stage of your enterprise, you'll be able to maximise the positive impact further down the line.

This pillar is all about your Supply Chain, encompassing the following topics:

  • Sustainable Materials

  • Ethical Sourcing

  • Ethical Practices

  • Supply Chain Transparency

Inside our guide, you'll find quick wins and big wins per pillar.

The quick wins in this pillar will outline some of the quickest ways to start winning in the world of mindful sourcing. your supply chain and the way that your products are secured is a huge consideration for any retail brand. 

Big change might not happen overnight – but there are some questions that you can be asking right away to get moving in the right direction!

The big wins in this pillar will allow you to bring out the big guns: what are the really impactful shifts you could make to get your business moving in the right direction through mindful sourcing? 

We appreciate that many of these steps will take time, effort and careful consideration – but when put in place, a huge amount can be achieved - with long-lasting impact.

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