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MindfulCommerce Member Case Study: Nama Studio

By Krissie • 29 April 2021

Introducing Nama Studio...

Nama Studio is a Shopify agency with a strong specialism in ethical and sustainable brands. Highly experienced and always dependable, they take care of Shopify store setups, migrations, training, support and more.

They’re also completely committed to making their own operation sustainable and are always on the lookout for ways to reduce their impact as an agency.

Learn more about Nama Studio on their MindfulCommerce Directory Profile Page.

Nama Studio + The MindfulCommerce Directory

It was an alignment with values that first drew Nama Studio to create their MindfulCommerce Directory listing. As an ecommerce agency focusing on sustainable and ethical projects, they were looking for like-minded brands and professionals – and the Directory provides a hub for all of these elements to come together.

How The MindfulCommerce Directory Helps

With the goal of meeting aligned clients and partners, as well as making new professional connections, networking has been a big element of Nama Studio's MindfulCommerce experience to date.

Before involvement with the Directory, they felt quite isolated and somewhat removed from others with a similar outlook on the industry. The Directory has instantly connected them to a thriving and communicative community, who can empathise with their concerns and challenges, as well as provide inspiration and support.

"We didn't know any e-commerce expert in the sustainability field and the Directory has connected us with many! This is great also for our clients, that often look for other services provided by agencies that have a mindful and ethical approach to commerce."

It's not just Nama that has benefitted from their involvement with The MindfulCommerce Directory. It's also great also for their clients, who are often on the look for other services provided by agencies that have an ethical approach to commerce. Now, Nama can easily make informed suggestions and recommendations!

A Mindful Future...

As they move forward, Nama are looking forward to staying in the loop with sustainable experts, and leveraging the Directory to find more ethical and sustainable brands that can benefit from their expertise.

Nama knows that sustainability is going to become more and more important in the future.

Having solid relationships and knowledge in the field of sustainable commerce is more than a benefit to the way that position yourself as an agency – it's also a great way to find motivation in your everyday job!

The Directory has an important role to play when it comes to helping agencies succeed here, so why not join Nama Studio, with your own listing today? Apply to Get Listed!