A MindfulGuide: To Sustainable Packaging & Shipping

By Krissie • 24 May 2021

When it comes to sustainability within the world of ecommerce, our thoughts often default to the impact of packaging and shipping. Something of a "necessary evil" within the industry. The very nature of our businesses means that products will always need to be safely and securely delivered to our customers, using up natural resources and putting extra traffic on the roads.

As responsible online retailers, it's up to us to do everything in our power to minimise and mitigate the impact of this process.

At MindfulCommerce, we empower ecommerce merchants and tech solutions to work together to find more efficient and effective workflows to reduce the impact of our industry. With so many of our expert partners working within the packaging and shipping space, we wanted to collect and collate some of their wisdom, to give a really deep dive into the difference we can all be making when it comes to ecommerce fulfilment choices.

Whether it's small tweaks to your packaging design, or AI-powered delivery network optimisation, there's something for everyone within this guide.

We know that becoming a fully sustainable brand doesn't happen overnight, but taking the time to get better informed and educated around the issues (and solutions!) is a great first step to success.

Thanks for being here with us, and doing your bit.