Surge Creates specialise in creating uniquely engineered custom packaging designs that eliminate plastic. Surge Creates also offer digital overlay solutions to graphics, including augmented reality, manuals or instructions! Having worked with big brands like Burger King and Kellogs, they know what they’re doing.

We create "Moments that Matter" for our clients and their customers. We believe that the experience is just as important as the product itself. Our clients come to us because we listen and deliver above and beyond their expectations.

As an Amazon APASS certified design studio we can develop the right size packaging for your business, and follow the rules set forth under our Frustration Free Packaging program. This helps ecommerce brands to reduce waste and avoid shipping items in packaging that’s too large for the product.

Why We Love Surge Creates 💚

MindfulCommerce members are small to medium businesses and are often overlooked when it comes to the delivery and returns process. We love that Surge Creates work within small and large budgets meaning they make their services accessible to all. Bonus points when we see our experts delivering services to big bold brands, introducing them to a new sustainable way of thinking.

We respect their passion for the planet and the way they develop smart designs to reduce the footprint size of delivery and their consideration for not only protecting products from being damaged during transit, but they also recognise the need to reduce returns and emissions - saving ecommerce businesses money at the same time as protecting the planet!

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