Klevu Cover Image
Klevu Cover Image


Klevu’s AI and NLP-powered discovery suite helps connect your customers to products they want to buy. Deliver hyper-relevant, personalized experiences, all powered by real-time buyer intent. Klevu is quick and easy to install, compatible with all ecommerce platforms, and highly functional right out of the box.

Offering “best in class” product discovery, merchants working with Klevu benefit from enhanced on-site Smart Search, Smart Category Merchandising, Personalisation, Recommendations and much more.

Klevu also offers deep insight into your audience’s preferences. Learn what your customers assume you stock, the variants that you should be promoting, and which products start to trend at specific times. This is especially helpful for sustainable brands who need to make sure that their marketing is spot on, well-timed and well-worded in an increasingly crowded vertical.

Take away the guesswork from your paid campaigns, using customer search data to create razor sharp keyword strategies. When traffic starts flowing to your site as a result, enjoy the peace of mind of knowing everyone will find exactly what they’re looking for.

Why We Love Klevu ✨

Klevu has so much to offer mindful retailers. Customers who interact with on-site search are 200% more likely to convert, so it makes sense to ensure you’re giving them the very best experience in on-site-search.

A feature that we think sustainable brands will find really useful is the ability to have content featured in search results. This means that guides or blog posts could be offered up alongside relevant products, helping educate your customers, telling the story of your brand and encouraging deeper brand discovery. This is so valuable for sustainable brands who have a message to deliver and a story to tell that goes beyond the products themselves!

From educating your customers about your offsetting process, through to profiling the artisans involved in the manufacture of your products, content has the power to really enhance the storytelling aspect of your ecommerce store.