Given the chance, the majority of your customers will want to make good choices for the planet – the key to ensuring that they are able to action these good intentions? Convenience!

EcoCart is a free ecommerce plugin that empowers your customers to make their orders carbon neutral. At the click of a button, your customers can support carbon offsetting initiatives that work to reduce carbon from the atmosphere, as part of a seamless checkout process. The carbon footprint of each order is calculated by EcoCart’s algorithm - with multiple variables used to determine the precise emissions, factoring everything from manufacturing to shipping.

So far, so good for the planet - but there's more. EcoCart has been proven to boost conversion rates - offering a sustainable shopping experience is incredibly appealing to the modern consumer!

Why We Love EcoCart 🛒

EcoCart is making it really easy for brands to do the right thing when it comes to offsetting orders. But they don't stop at the technical elements, they're also great at helping ecommerce businesses weave the message of sustainability throughout their communications and marketing. They work closely with merchants to incorporate their partnership with EcoCart across multiple customer touch points and even provide a variety of pre-crafted branding and marketing collateral.

We also love that EcoCart takes a holistic view of the impact of the ecommerce sector. While they do focus on carbon-neutral deliveries, they can also work with merchants to offset the manufacturing of their products. They also help to produce content that showcases all aspects of business - from supply chain upwards – offering ways to be more sustainable in each one. This overlaps really nicely with our own research-backed Sustainability Framework!

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