As brands are increasingly values-led and trying to achieve something more important than profit alone, this simple solution can help streamline the process of giving back, and communicating your passion to your customer base.

Ease of use and efficiency are core concerns for DailyKarma - they understand that you're busy and in need of solutions that are simple to integrate, understand and manage.

A single dashboard controls all of your campaigns, giving great "at a glance" visibility, and reporting metrics give deep insight into the way that your customers are responding to your campaigns - helping you refine and perfect your cause-marketing campaigns on the fly.

There's plenty of scope and flexibility to get creative with the way that your brand leverages their software. They provide a wide range of ready-made technical solutions that allow customers to roundup, add a dollar or receive a discount in exchange for their donation. When it comes to incentivisation, there really is something for everyone - and so much for your marketing team to leverage!

DailyKarma are a perfect fit for any mission-led brands and their customer portfolio is proof of this!

Biossance, RareBeauty, Milkbar, Hedley&Bennett, Ivory Ella, Pipette, Quay Australia, KoraOrganics, Navitas... The list goes on. Could your brand be the next to benefit?

Why We Love DailyKarma 💚

DailyKarma are a wonderful example of a solution that brings ethical brands the benefits they so richly deserve for doing the right thing. Cause-marketing is a fantastic way to ensure your business is giving back with a proven uplift to many of your own success metrics. Boosting customer loyalty, AOV and more.

At MindfulCommerce, we love to see brands rewarded for doing the right thing - and with cause marketing, this is exactly what you can expect.

DailyKarma are also taking steps to reduce their organisational footprint. They are currently 100% remote (and have been at least 75% remote since their inception). Placing a strong focus on finding ways to be on the road less. With part of their team located in LA, decreasing local congestion and emissions is a strong focus!

We love the fact DailyKarma are simplifying and demystifying the whole process of cause-marketing – lowering barriers to ensure more brands can give back in an effective and efficient manner.