C Free "Environmental solutions shouldn't cost the earth"
C Free "Environmental solutions shouldn't cost the earth"

Carbon footprints can be tricky things. As a responsible business, you want to be sure that you're getting an accurate impression of the impact you're having on our planet. You then want to be confident you are taking the right measures to fix the damage!

That's where C Free come in – offering three distinct (and incredibly helpful) services to help operations just like yours to mitigate the carbon your business has created over time.

From achieving carbon neutrality (C Free handle everything: calculation, reduction, and offsetting), building a truly carbon neutral workforce through to automated tree planting that automatically integrates with Shopify (and other major ecommerce platforms) – C Free offer a practical and streamlined service to help you take control of your carbon footprint.

Why We Love C Free 💚

Firstly, Eddie, a Co-founder of C Free, is a very active member of our community and we love the knowlede and personality he brings to our meetups!

There's no smoke and mirrors when it comes to C Free – they're all about making carbon offsetting an easy, accessible process. They help demystify the complicated jargon that can often be rife within the space and make it easy for businesses to get started on this journey. We love that they're removing barriers for many brands who'd love to do the right thing but have felt unable to!

Beyond this, they're truly practicing what they preach with a sustainability-focused and ethical business operation. All their offsetting projects are verified by Gold Standard (one of the highest quality standards for climate and development projects.)

Additionally, their projects follow the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN and their tree planting is fulfilled by Eden, an NGO that plants millions of trees every year. This supports local villagers by offering a decent wage for this service.

They're even hosted by Kualo, a 100% green energy powered web host - gold stars all round!