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Profile offers more than a fulfilment centre – they're a complete fulfilment network, offering fast-growing ecommerce retailers to put their logistics on autopilot. No minimum volumes, no long-term contracts needed, it's quick and easy to get up and running. Take advantage of one of the largest logistics networks in the UK on a pay as you go basis.

Not only do customers enjoy a more streamlined and hands-off fulfilment process (leaving more time to focus on growing your business), they also benefit from easy to use reporting and insightful analytics – helping them to see where improvements and progress can be made!

Bezos are committed to decarbonising e-commerce and fulfilment. They've received two grants from Innovate UK which are both aligned to reduce carbon, drive efficiencies and most importantly, provide mindful e-commerce sellers and consumers and sellers with a less environmentally impactful choice when buying and selling online.

Through their [DECAF Project], they are working to decarbonize e-commerce logistics through sustainable last-mile solutions. Launching in June, their cargo-bike green delivery service will allow sellers to provide select postcodes in central London with this additional delivery option. Directly integrated with Shopify, customers will be able to opt for green delivery at checkout.

Through their SCALE project, they are using AI and machine learning technology we are building an efficient network of warehouses and micro-warehouses across the UK. The technology focuses on demand forecasting to optimise inventory distribution with the goal of speeding up delivery times and allowing for cost-effective last-mile delivery solutions. The second part of the project looks at improving route optimisation for deliveries to optimize for total miles travelled and delivery efficiency by a multi-modal approach (using a combination of vans, cargo bikes, porters etc.)

Why We Love Bezos 🚛

When it comes to delivery, we're all for efficiency. Less time on the road, fewer emissions! By working with a bigger fulfilment network like, merchants are able to benefit from a much more effective and succinct process, with the "economy of scale" effect helping to bring down impact with better consolidation and data-driven efficiencies. We love that they're making this available to SMEs!

They also help to optimise the process of returns – a costly issue for retailers and the environment! Reducing the complexity here, offer a range of services to help retailers handle products being sent back to any sliding scale of complexity and customisation.

We also love that they're paying attention to the finer detail of their sustainability decisions. For example, they chose to use cargo bikes instead of traditional and electric delivery vehicles as they produce up to 94% less emissions than an electric vans and complete jobs up to 50% faster than small vans during peak weekday times!

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