Chris Aline
Chris Aline


It’s all too easy to assume that the digital element of our business has little or no impact, but nothing could be further from the case.

Aline is a digital sustainability consultancy lead by the fantastic Chris Butterworth. Aline helps ecommerce businesses to lower their digital carbon footprint (yes, it's real) by linking the physical impact to their digital ecosystem. Working with Aline will ensure your principles and ethos align and will support you to bring a more holistic approach to lowering your overall carbon footprint.

Chris has spoken to internationally recognised brands about their digital carbon footprint and a global creative agency about how they can incorporate sustainable thinking into every project they undertake.

Why we love Aline 😍

We’re very happy to be working with Aline to help them bring their message and expertise to the brands MindfulCommerce is here to support. He even has a tool for you to calculate the carbon footprint of your website!

Chris has been with us from the start and is our go-to guy when it comes to reducing our digital carbon footprint. We love that Chris has the knowledge to enable and create sustainable and ethical solutions to digital problems without sacrificing on aesthetics or user experience - which is hugely important in the world of sustainable ecommerce.

Starting as a designer before becoming a developer, Chris discovered a paper by Greenpeace explaining the carbon impact of the internet which then got him thinking about digital sustainability - the journey has only just begun and we are on the journey with him!

They’re a full remote consultancy, so their team generates no commuting emissions, and use low impact tools to complete projects, as well as providers who are carbon neutral.

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