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Alice offers a very bright track record of supporting her ecommerce clients with beautiful web design, SEO driven copywriting services and educational workshops.

If you want to boost your brands' integrity with a more conversion-focused website, Alice is your gal! She has a unique ability to get clear on your why and helps to communicate this on your website - speaking to your audience with authenticity.

Not forgetting the much needed communication with those algorithmic search engines such as Google.

SEO has a sustainability secret - SEO allows you to deliver information about your business and the products you sell more efficiently, therefore needing less energy is being zapped from the Earth to keep your website live. And a clear, succinct message means people are more likely to choose your business over the competition.

Alice has worked with ethical sustainable brands like Legends of the Wayside (slow fashion brand), Under2Degrees (carbon footprinting service), Kathy Kraus Fine Jewellery, Film Strike for Climate and PAF Wine.

Why we love Alice 🎉

Alice Writes Copy is on a mission to help more small businesses to grow and share their sustainable message more efficiently through the power of SEO driven copy and web design. Not only that, but she is educating small businesses who have DIY-ed their website on how they can revive it and make it work harder for them.

Alice has been part of the MindfulCommerce family from day one. And as a fellow surfer, cares deeply about protecting our environment - so that we can all play in the sea - forever.

We love that Alice is making it her role to speak to the likes of SquareSpace about their stance on sustainability and we think this is so important!

Having just had her carbon footprint analysed, Alice will be making conscious efforts each year to lower her carbon footprint. If that wasn't enough, Alice also donates a minimum of 5% of profits to environmental and social inequality causes each year!

Oh wait, there's more! Alice told us she invests with a green pension fund and always offers 'pay-what-you-can' positions on her group programmes for people who identify themselves under the Equality Act!

WOW Alice, we love you!

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