Waterhaul make sunglasses and eyewear frames that are made from 100% recycled, end of life fishing gear ('ghost gear'), which Rich and Krissie (MindfulCommerce founders) unfortunately see all over our beaches.

Waterhaul also developed litter pickers and beach cleaning equipment made from 100% recycled end of life fishing gear and more recently disposable face masks created by the pandemic and called this project “Retask-the-mask” (absolutely genius!)

We're creating a value chain to tackle marine plastic pollution by transforming waste into a resource.

Why we love Waterhaul

We have a pair of Waterhaul’s sunglasses and have two of their litter pickers made from their “Retask-the-mask” campaign and love that they’re turning waste into a product which has a positive impact in the world.

Waterhaul is a purpose driven brand focused on collecting and recycling the ocean's most harmful form of plastic pollution - ghost gear. We admire their efforts to produce 100% recycled products that inspire connection and protection of the ocean! And, they plant a tree for each order.

Go grab a pair of sunnies for the summer of better yet, grab a couple of litter pickers and do a beach clean!

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