Sharebee is a marketplace for sharing our “stuff”- borrowing and lending rather than buying new. Sharebee is building a space with integrity, made for communities who understand that individual needs can be met without buying more more more.

We believe in a sharing economy, where resources work harder and benefit more people while making its owner a little bit of money every month. We are all about reducing climate footprint and building communities.

Sharebee believes in a 'planet first' approach and are not just “being less bad, they're about being positively good. Sharebee aims to get as many people sharing, to make it the “norm” or the default way people access things. If you can't borrow it then you should look for another option, rather than the other way around.

Why we love Sharebee 🌸

Sharing our resources is a great way to reduce our pressure on the planet. Sharebee helps everyone to get involved with the sharing economy which is a huge contributor to reducing the carbon footprint of the commerce world.

Sharebee makes sharing easy – safely connecting people who want to borrow, with people who want to lend. Every time you lend or borrow, you'll be saving some Co2. Let’s stop defaulting to buying things we only use once or twice and start sharing instead.

Sharing is a key part of the circular economy - increasing the time our resources are being used, as opposed to being idle. More people sharing will result in less waste ending up in landfill, killing our planet.

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