Pistil product image, lady with red hair lying down in field with yellow flowers
Pistil product image, lady with red hair lying down in field with yellow flowers


Pistil offers beautiful, conscious and timeless clothing designed and crafted in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Italy with valuable leftover fabrics (reducing waste). Pistil believes in personal style and not passenger trends which means they’re not huge fans of overconsumption, flash sales and pushing the need to buy new every season.

Pistil was born from the need to share an alternative fashion concept that follows the chasing of seasons able to adapt to the circumstances of a world in continuous transformation. A concept that knows how to accompany the woman in her inner growth and that is reflected in her attitudes, becoming a unique, personal style.

Pistil gives new life to already existing materials that were waiting to be transformed into a dress to wear and love. Most of the fabrics used are Relivetex certified and made with natural fibres, saved from inventories located in Northern Italy.

Why we Love Pistil 💚

Pistil is more than a "mindful brand" they give new life to existing material - transforming it into a dress to wear and love, this happens thanks to the design of each garment in respect of the environment that surrounds them. They use fabrics whose fibres are for the most part natural and come from inventories recovered from neighbouring suppliers, guaranteeing a 0 km supply chain!


Pistil clothing is produced in limited quantities with deadstock materials following a slow fashion philosophy making every dress exclusive and born from a precise desire:

“We believe in slowness and in the value of waiting. We partner with: Maeba International for 50% of the collections that are produced with fabrics from the ReLiveTex® line which certifies that they have been removed from devaluation processes and promoted to new uses as required by the objectives expressed by the Union's Circular Economy Package European Union (directive 2018/851)."

Sustainable packaging:

Pistil takes their packaging very seriously. They use Controversa - the first reversible box by nature, produced in FSC cardboard which guarantees its origin from forests managed in a sustainable and responsible way.

It is the example of a circular economy, the packaging in which the Pistil garments are shipped can be reused as a container by turning the carton and reassembling the box to obtain a casket in which to place other goods in.

They use Cadica, a supplier of GOTS organic cotton labels with Oekotexe standard 100 certification, recycled cotton is present in all Pistil garments and bamboo paper tags.

Product Images

Founder of Pistil in designer dress
Pistil trousers, woman with red hair