Paneros Clothing is a new fashion-focused, small batch sustainable clothing brand based in Los Angeles who are focused on quality and ethical styles. Their slow fashion designs are on trend but not “trendy”, and their aesthetic is meant to be worn not just for one season but year after year.

“We're timeless, but not basic. Our 5 part brand promise includes selecting eco-friendly fibres and fabrics, only working with responsible manufacturers, emphasising quality over quantity, reducing pollution, and reducing waste.”

After being a top selling designer for a wholesale fashion company for 10 years - producing a new collection every month, Founder Lauren DeCarli knows how wasteful, polluting, and unsustainable the fashion industry can be and wanted to make change.

“In the age of fast fashion, we've lost that connection to the people behind the clothes we wear every day. So I set out to create a better alternative: producing beautiful slow fashion clothing made the way it should be, and designed to be worn year after year so that you can look great while making a positive impact on the world.”

Why we love Paneros Clothing 💚

We are very excited about Paneros Clothing especially because Lauren DeCarli is rebuilding a connection to the artisans who handcraft their styles, this shows a huge appreciation for our Earth that provides the materials.

Lauren has sourced deadstock fabrics made from eco-friendly fibres from around the world, and works with the best artisans and ethical manufacturers to create long lasting, high quality clothes.

Check out this absolutely beautiful slow fashion brand and let us know what you think!

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