Neve’s Bees are a mother and daughter duo, both passionate beekeepers based in Oxfordshire, UK.

Neve’s Bees offer truly natural skincare with a little help from their beautiful bees. Their range of skincare for face and body is created in Oxfordshire using their wildcrafted beeswax blended with pure, sustainably sourced, natural plant oils, essential oils and butters. No water - no emulsifiers and no preservatives and much less to ship around meaning a lower carbon footprint.

We aim to promote healthy skin to feel good in the great outdoors - not ‘skin deep beauty’. We’re on a mission to bring back the UK’s wildflowers (so vital to our bees and pollinators) and donate 10% profits to wildlife causes to help save our pollinators and give away thousands of packs of bee-friendly wildflower seeds.

Why We Love Neve's Bees 🐝

We really like that Neve’s Bees do everything they can to protect and rewild our wildlife, in particular, in the UK. They’ve found a great solution to a common problem - finding natural beauty products that make you feel good and do good at the same time.

It’s always lovely to discover a family run business who are creating a better world for the future. Their comprehensive range of truly natural skincare in recyclable packaging enables customers to make simple switches from ‘high street’ brands. They use recyclable packaging and their tin supplier even offsets their carbon emissions through One Tree Planted!

Now, buzz off and go browse their products!

Neve's Bees Products