Nalu beads make beautifully colourful handmade glass beads and silver jewellery inspired by coastlines and nature around the world. This inspiring brand is based in Braunton, North Devon, in the UK (just like MindfulCommerce), it’s obvious the beautiful environment in which we live has influenced them, just like it has us.

Nalu Beads work with fully renewable energy suppliers in the UK and work with a lot of small charities - selling beads on their behalf so we can make regular donations - a real inspiration for creating products to enable you to give back to those who need support.

Their collections are inspired by their love of surf and travel and each bead holds a story - representing a unique place, reflecting the colours and characteristics found within the waves and surrounding coastlines.

Nalu is the Hawaiian word for wave, but it also means to ponder, meditate or go with the flow. There’s more to a Nalu bead than meets the eye. Each Nalu bead tells a story…Nalu beads are inspired by the distinctive colours of the beaches and breaks they represent, but also by a tradition that stems from the roots of modern day surfing.

Why We Love Nalu Beads 😍

We love that Nalu Beads live just around the corner from us in North Devon and that their love of surfing and travelling to seek out the best waves has taken them on this journey.

Not forgetting the fact they are trying very hard to keep their carbon footprint as small as possible by sourcing goods as locally as possible and creating most of their products in the UK rather than manufacturing in China.

All of Nalu Bead’s packaging is fully recyclable and some even made from recycled materials - creating very little waste and any waste that does exist, is recycled!

Tempted to treat yourself or someone you love? Maybe they love the ocean, too! Go shop now now!