Goldune is an online marketplace, selling sustainable lifestyle items from lots of wonderful brands.

Goldune was born after the founder decided she couldn't hang with the beige, all-or-nothing narratives she encountered in the sustainability world. The brand was created as a marketplace for sustainable living that is just as colourful as its less earth-friendly counterparts - and for an inclusive place where everyone can explore sustainability.

At Goldune, everyone’s welcome, sustainability is a spectrum, and fun is guaranteed.

Goldune seeks to create a lifestyle and home marketplace for sustainable living that is just as colourful, joyful, delightful and appealing as its less earth-friendly counterparts - and for a shame-free, judgement-free, inclusive place for folks of all shapes, sizes, incomes and identities to explore sustainability. Goldune’s products come from pre-vetted brands ranging from cleaning products, to home decor, to gardening!

Why We Love Goldune

We love that Goldune are creating a space where consumers can come and feel good about purchasing items, knowing they are pre-vetted for sustainability.

They are open about what spectrum of sustainability each product is, what it's made out of, and what to do with it at the end of life.

We ask our brands questions about their sourcing, materials, and ethos, down to the type of tape they use on their packaging. We want to only offer products that we know back our mission. They have to be cute, too!

We also appreciate their efforts to not push people to purchase and instead, encourage consumers to be mindful.

  • "Only buy something if you need it, and if you do, please buy something that can be recycled, biodegrade, re-used, made from upcycled materials or natural materials, etc..."*

Goldune also has a circular initiative on cloth items - when customers are done with eligible products, Goldune will buy back select products after use and give them a second life for sale at a discounted rate on their site or properly dispose of them.

Go have a look at their colourful, fun and non-beige online store now!

Goldune Products