Our very first adventure and travel business on the Mindful Brand Directory - Earth Changers make it easy to travel in a more sustainable way and positively impactful way. They have curated a collection of the best positive impact, sustainable tourism trips that by their impacts really do change the world. So you can travel and make a difference, that’s the most satisfying type of holiday we’ve heard of.

We feature life-changing places with world-changing people and extraordinary experiences with purpose. All suppliers contribute to the SDGs by their work.

Offering the where, who and why to engage, educate and enable the booking of outstanding worldwide sustainable tourism to help people understand, choose, save time and genuinely support people and places with sustainable development.

Why We Love Earth Changers 🌎

We love that the whole of Earth Changer’s business is about tourism for sustainable development. They are set up with sustainability at their core - focusing on not just minimising negative impacts, but creating serious, data-evidenced, positive impacts, against a tide of 'responsible' greenwashing in tourism.

They are even BCorp certified and the team at Earth Changers are always engaging to educate on the purpose and impact of tourism (including inside the MindfulCommerce Community.)

Earth Changers make sure that the tourism companies they work with have mindful, sustainable operations in place, not just on the face of it. When deciding if they should partner with a travel company, they consider things like products & service supply chains brought together in hospitality: design, construction, energy, water & waste systems, food, transport, tours & activitives, staff pay & benefits - sustainable, regenerative.

Tourism is a lot more than we at MindfulCommerce could have ever imagined.

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