Beebee+Bongo make high-quality, eco-friendly toys focused on play-based learning, that are ethically hand-made by women in Cambodia. The products are primarily crocheted, and are as eco-friendly as possible in their process and materials - as much as their resources allow.

“We're a social values based brand that believes it's possible to do good for the world and make a profit—and have fun doing it. We aim for a triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. This means ensuring more than fair pay and treatment of the people who make our products, striving towards the certifications and production processes that are earth-friendly, and creating profits to provide opportunity for creation of new products, of new markets, and of more jobs.”

Why we love BeeBee+Bongo

BeeBee+Bongo are part of the solution to a huge waste problem, especially plastic waste from the toy industry. They believe in the power of humour and play to create connection, and they believe we can do good for the world at the same time as making a profit (MindfulCommerce is aligned with this, because without a profit, you can’t exist to give back).

We love that this brand thinks carefully about the toys they create - ensuring they are of high-quality, eco-friendly and ethically handmade toys focused on play-based learning. And better yet - all while providing fair, flexible employment for women in Cambodia.

BeeBee+Bongo are currently seeking funding to accelerate their global e-commerce expansion.

Go have a look at their products and be inspired!

BeeBee+Bongo Toys