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The MindfulCommerce Sustainability Framework encompasses everything we create.

From our MindfulCommerce Programme, Sustainability Guide to our Mindful Expert Training Series and our Mindful Services, all community members have access to these resources and more.

The MindfulCommerce Sustainability Guide

Align with conscious consumers, get ahead of the competition and help our planet to thrive as a result of your business existing. Our Sustainability Guide walks you through the 6 core Sustainability Pillars derived from our Sustainability Framework.

Delivered via our community platform with a bonus on-demand 6 day challenge, you'll be full to the brim with quick wins and big wins, inspirational examples of brands doing sustainability well and links to experts who can help you on your journey.

Mindful Sourcing

This pillar designed to get you thinking about your Supply Chain. Covering sustainable materials, ethical sourcing, ethical practices and supply chain transparency.

Mindful Products

This pillar is all about how to ensure your products make a positive difference for our environment, the planet and people. Covering how to reduce waste, innovate and to do so transparently.

Mindful Deliveries

This pillar explores the ways in which you can minimise the impact of the final journey your products take as they're sent out to your customers. Covering packaging use, deliveries & returns.

Mindful Footprint

This pillar helps you to consider the footprint that your operations leave on our planet. We go beyond simply looking at the carbon footprint of your physical entities, we consider your digital footprint, too!

Mindful Communications

In this pillar, we explore how you can spread the message about the good work you're doing. You'll build awareness of the issues in ecommerce and inspire other brands to take action.

Mindful Business

In this pillar, we invite you to reflect on what's underpinning your business. Covering sustainable consumption, stakeholders, purpose, circular economy, social impact and more.

What's Included in The MindfulCommerce Sustainability Guide



100% Online



1-2 weeks




What's Included?


6 chapters jam packed with education, inspiring examples and people who can help you with completing each of our 6 Sustainability Pillars.


A Mindful Masterclass Series - a run of brand features with a strong connection to the MindfulCommerce Sustainability Guide pillars.


FREE access to the MindfulCommerce Community


Inside the community, you'll find an on-demand expert training library for ecommerce businesses to learn and grow - mindfully aligned with our Sustainability Guide.


1-1 support when required - just drop us an email and we will be right with you to help!


Lifetime on-demand access (including updates)

Our Expert Training Library



100% Online



30-45 minutes (per training)




What's Included?


Expert Training sessions featuring our ecommerce and sustainability experts.


Access to a library of pre-recorded sessions


Our library is building every month with Live Trainings occurring 2 x / month


Lifetime on-demand access to replays


Ask questions to our experts inside the community


FREE Access to the MindfulCommerce Community

Previous Expert Training Sessions

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Live Training

The Value of Loyalty Programs & How They Can Help Increase Trust in Customers

Community member, Hannah, lady with long red hair, smiling

Featuring Hannah Morris from Loyalty Lion

August 11th, 2021

This training is all about the value of loyalty programs & how they can help increase trust in your customers! Hannah gave some great examples, showing you how easy it is to set up a loyalty program and how this looks to consumers.

Founding memberIcon denoting a MindfulCommerce founding member

Live Training

How to Calculate the Carbon Footprint of Your Ecommerce Business

Eddie, man with red hair, community member smiling with green bush behind

Featuring Eddie from C Free

September 8th, 2021

Eddie teaches us how to calculate your carbon footprint! Helpful for everyone in one way or another, whether you're trying to find a way to start or are looking for pro tips on how to do so optimally.

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Live Training

How Your Ecommerce Brand Can Stand Out and Profit With Mindful Marketing

Aleana, community member with dark hair, brown eyes, smiling

Featuring Aleana from Brands Are Alive

November 3rd, 2021

If youโ€™re looking to get some solid, proven ideas powering the promotion and growth of your ecommerce operation, watch Aleana in action where she teaches us about all about the benefits of mindful marketing.

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The MindfulCommerce Programme

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Mindful Business

We work with you to define what youโ€™re currently doing in your business thatโ€™s having a positive - and - negative impact on the planet. We recommend ways you can make your business more mindful and guide you in the right direction so you can feel really good about the work you do!

Mindful Positioning

Work with us to get crystal clear on what makes you unique and how you can stand out from your competitors. Understand and strengthen your positioning in your market, and start to create a compelling tone of voice and style that aligns and attracts the people you actually want to work with.

Mindful Communications

We help you with the most important part of being a mindful business - using your voice to advocate for change. Youโ€™re doing incredible things for the world, now itโ€™s time to communicate your efforts through copy and content, align with your ideal audience and inspire others to take action, too!

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How it Works

1. Sign up โญ๏ธ

You'll be given access to a library of lessons inside the MindfulCommerce Community platform - go through them at your own pace.

2. Start watching the lessons ๐Ÿ’ป

Inside every lesson is a video with Krissie discussing a particular topic, coaching you through every step of the programme.

3. Do your homework โœ๐Ÿผ

You'll find a task or action for you to complete and send for feedback and 1-1 support. Templates, guidelines, resources and examples are included in the programme, too!

4. Connect with your peers ๐Ÿ’š

You'll meet fellow students inside the programme, with the ability to chat as a group, using the NEW live chat feature (cool!)

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