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MindfulCommerce is an open online community for those who want to start or accelerate their journey to making ecommerce more sustainable and positively impactful.

Consumer demand for sustainable and positively impactful online retail has never been higher. Access support to navigate sustainability and grow your ecommerce brand - with purpose.

The MindfulCommerce team are unbelievably eager to help and full of ideas, very ready to be as collaborative as possible.

The MindfulCommerce Community

Regular community events and resources.

We run regular events and publish resources with ecommerce experts - with the goal to grow your business.

Get advice from our ecommerce experts.

Access support to grow your business from our vetted Mindful experts - whenever you need it.

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Connect and create valuable partnerships with like-minded brands, suppliers and experts who are all on the same journey.

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Apps, service providers and more offer our Mindful brands special deals and rates that no one else can access.

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The MindfulCommerce Directory

Discover new opportunities

Find ecommerce products, services and experts who share your values and have the skills to grow your ecommerce business - sustainably.

Carefully curated and vetted.

We select solutions and services with a proven track record and strong passion for sustainable ecommerce and positive impact.

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Our Directory and match-making service makes it quick and easy to find the help you need. Accelerate your growth by browsing our Directory or completing the match-making service.

Sustainable tech stacks

Need help finding the best tech solutions for building and growing a “greener” store? Look no further, we offer bespoke tech stacks based on your needs.

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The MindfulCommerce Sustainability Framework

Navigate sustainability & ecommerce

With ecommerce sustainability consultants in your pocket, you'll know exactly where to start and where to go next on your journey to becoming a sustainable, Mindful Business.

Support along the way

Packed with prompts, real-life examples, case studies, articles, guides and links to experts who can help you with every step.

Easily tailored to your business

6 core pillars and more sub categories - in a "workbook style" for you and your team to work on together, step by step.

Researched backed

For three months, we worked with two real life sustainability consultants to develop this framework and spoke to many leaders in the space.

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