MindfulCommerce Directory Experts Roundup

New Additions to The MindfulCommerce Directory

By Cat • 23 days ago

We'd like to extend a very warm welcome to the latest additions to the MindfulCommerce Directory! Thank you SO much for your support!

The MindfulCommerce Directory exists to connect ambitious ecommerce brands to the expert advice and technology they need to grow their businesses.

The MindfulCommerce Directory is a list of those who support the MindfulCommerce Mission through and through.

The MindfulCommerce Directory is going from strength to strength.

This quarter, we've welcomed...


A complete fulfilment network, offering the chance for ambitious ecommerce retailers to put logistics on autopilot! Great for smaller merchants as well as the bigger operations in our sector - there are no minimum volumes or long-term contracts. You can also take part on a pay as you go basis.

As well as making deliveries more efficient (fewer emissions, yay!) Bezos are also offering greener delivery methods, such as cargo bikes. These incentives have been carefully researched - for example, they evaluated the benefits of cargo bikes vs electric vans to ensure they really were offering the greenest choice to their customers.

Work with Bezos!


If you're looking for an experienced and empathetic agency to help with your Shopify store, you've found them in Thooja. Based out of Dublin, they focus on achieving amazing ROI for the customers - and enjoy a 100% retention rate – that's a lot of happy clients!

Thooja are selective – only working with ethical brands committed to sustainability. Additionally they are members of 1% For The Planet, signed up with Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce and part of the "race to zero" as members of the SME Climate Commitment.

Work with Thooja!


ShipBob offers AI-powered, carbon-neutral fulfilment solutions - their super-smart algorithm automatically selects the best warehouse and carrier for the quickest turnaround at the best price - saving merchants an average of 13% on their bottom line.

ShipBob were the first fully carbon-neutral fulfilment company! Beyond this, ShipBob also enables its customers to deploy the power of AI to easily offset their own carbon emissions, via the Pachama app.

Work with ShipBob!

C Free

C Free offer three distinct (and ever so helpful) services to assist ecommerce merchants in reducing the carbon impact that their businesses create over time. C Free offer a very practical and streamlined service, which takes away all of the complexity from the process. It means that businesses can be confident that they're taking effective action, without wasting valuable time on the complexities of offsetting calculation.

Eddie, a Co-founder of C Free, is a very active member of our community and we love the knowledge and personality he brings to our meetups!

Work with C Free!


Sezzle offers a transparent, inclusive and seamless "buy now, pay later" solution that enjoys the highest approval rating in the biz! They don't negatively impact customers' credit scores (so important.) Instead, they provide an easier route to better credit to those who might struggle otherwise.

Sezzle are also going the extra mile when it comes to doing the right thing for people and planet - in fact, Sezzle are the only Certified B Corp in the BNPL space! Add to this trees planted for new users, scholarships for underprivileged students, and a commitment to carbon neutrality! What's more - if you let them know you're a MindfulCommerce member, you'll receive a permanent discount!

Work with Sezzle!

How Can Your Business Get Listed On The MindfulCommerce Directory?

It's about supporting the MindfulCommerce mission. Getting listed on our Directory is a win for everyone involved.

  • Your business — shows its commitment to a more sustainable ecommerce industry

  • Your future customers — are able to work with experts who share their values

  • MindfulCommerce — is able to spread our message and movement further!

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