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The MindfulCommerce Insights Report: Sustainability & Tech in Ecommerce

By Krissie • 1 December 2020

What is This Report About?

The climate and ecological emergency we are currently in is changing the way people shop. A recent survey showed that 98% of consumers think brands have a responsibility to make positive change in the world. With experts saying we have less than a decade to make far-reaching changes to our lifestyles to avoid the worst impacts.

Global ecommerce sales are growing year on year and are expected to double by 2023 to nearly $6.5 billion. We conducted research in October 2020 to gather insights into the sustainability challenges and opportunities facing ecommerce.

The insights uncovered have been drawn upon to help MindfulCommerce create a Sustainability Framework for ecommerce brands, tech companies and service providers.

Coupled with our Expert Directory - we are driving improvements in the sustainability of ecommerce on a global scale.

What is The MindfulCommerce Sustainability Framework?

We know that addressing sustainability as a business can feel overwhelming. It's tough to know where to start. What will have the biggest or more meaningful impact? What's worth investing time and effort into? That's where our Framework comes in.

We've worked closely with expert sustainability consultants and some of the UK's leading ecommerce brands and "green" developers to undertake this huge research project into the various sustainability and social impact issues in ecommerce.

We have created a Framework from this research for ecommerce businesses to navigate their journey to becoming a more mindful, ethical and eco-friendly ecommerce business - in a very manageable way.

This report demonstrates key findings and recommendations to inform the Framework.

Happy reading!