How to Get Listed on The MindfulCommerce Directory

By Krissie • 6 April 2021

So, you’ve explored The MindulCommerce Directory, you’re excited by the benefits to your ecommerce service, app or agency and you’re eager to help our mindful brands in their quest for online retail success!

This article will explore the practicalities of getting listed – and explain the principles underpinning our application process.

The MindfulCommerce Directory aims to connect truly exceptional ecommerce specialists with ambitious, conscious brands, so that they can work together in a way that maximises the impact of shared values and desire to make the online retail industry a more sustainable place.

Benefits include:

Mindful leads

If you want to work with ecommerce businesses who share your mission when it comes to protecting our planet, this is the ideal place to position your business for brands and partners to find you!

Showcase your business

As a Directory member, we will introduce you to brands looking to solve specific problems via our match-making service and recommended tech stacks.

MindfulCommerce Membership

Show prospective clients your commitment to sustainable ecommerce practices with MindfulCommerce badges for your website.

Lead the way

Become a shining example for others to follow and create a point of differentiation with your competitors. Brands are more likely to choose Mindful businesses!

So, let’s explore the path that’ll take you towards inclusion...

Step One: Join The MindfulCommerce Community

The MindfulCommerce Community is at the heart of everything we do – a space for connection, collaboration and support. We ask all experts to join at the start of their listing process. This will immerse you in the beating heart of our mission, getting you in front of the mindful brands looking for assistance instantly.

Community membership is free, and to get started, just head here.

Step Two: Activate Your Membership

Once you've submitted your membership application, you'll receive an email from us, welcoming you and giving you access to all the member resources you can now enjoy!

From online networking events and panel debates, through to expert Slack channels and our buzzing Facebook group, there's plenty to dive into right away, so get busy joining the channels that you'd like to participate in.

Get-listed on The MindfulCommerce Directory

Step Three: Create Your Listing

It's important to us that businesses listed on the Directory are either on their journey to being sustainable and purposeful or are keen to start. We ask you to complete this application form to so we can get to know you a little more.

If you're accepted, we will request your payment (currently £150 for 6 months or £300 for 12 months). All proceeds go straight back into facilitating the community.

We'll send across a few final questions, then get to work putting together a draft listing ready for your approval.

We’ll work together to create a profile that clearly communicates who you are, what you offer, and most importantly, why you’re a great fit for the brands who come to the MindfulCommerce Directory seeking help!

Once you’re happy with your listing, we’ll promote the fact that you’ve been listed across our social channels and groups. And, we will add your business to our bespoke matchmaking and tech stack recommendation priority list.

Looking to maximise the impact of your listing? Consider sponsorship of the MindfulCommerce Community (add link when sponsor blog live) and benefit from a whole host of additional exposure and benefits, from co-content creation to event and podcast features.

Step Four: Your Ongoing Mindful Journey…

Once you’re up on the MindfulCommerce Directory, we’ll keep in touch! We’re here to ensure you’re getting all the support and encouragement you need via our best practice Sustainability Framework (link when live), looking into ways that you can continue to make incremental improvements to your business's sustainability.

Remember to keep us up to date regarding what you can offer and where your specialism lies. This means we’ll be able to put you forward as a great option where we see an opportunity!

Let’s Get You Listed...

Ready to start your MindfulCommerce journey? We’d be honoured to have you along for the ride.

Apply to get the ball rolling, today.