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Embed Sustainability into Your Business and Align With Conscious Consumers!

By Krissie • 29 November 2021

At MindfulCommerce, we know first hand how difficult it can be to confidently say you are having a positive impact on the environment - even if you truly try your best to build a business with sustainability at it's core. We also know that sometimes, the overwhelm of not knowing where to start in terms of sustainability, can be all too much.

Luckily, we are here to help guide you in the right direction.

As we mention in our article here, the U.K has launched something called “The Green Claims Code” which makes it a legal requirement to be able to back up everything you communicate to customers when it comes to your impact on the environment, (there are similar codes across the globe, so do your due diligence.)

Are we hanging Greenwashing out to dry, once and for all?

Before making a “green claim” in your marketing, take the time to understand how your product, service, brand or business has an impact – both positively and negatively – on the environment for its whole life cycle. 

If you’re feeling a little uneasy about this, MindfulCommerce can help guide you on the right path.

From your operations and sourcing, to your marketing and SEO, we have online courses and consultancy services just for you! Enabling you to make a “green claim” without breaking the law!

Let's take a look at some of the ways we can help:

1. The MindfulCommerce Sustainability Course

From your operations and sourcing, to your marketing and communications, our course will guide you in the right direction to running a more mindful business - meaning you can confidently make "green claims" and be proud to communicate your efforts.

The course applies to ecommerce merchants, service providers and tech solutions but could apply to most online businesses in the retail space.

The course consists of 6 Sustainability Pillars including:

Pillars Include:

  • Mindful Business

  • Mindful Footprint

  • Mindful Products

  • Mindful Sourcing

  • Mindful Deliveries

  • Mindful Communications

MindfulCommerce Sustainability Pillars

📍LOCATION: 100% Online

⏰ DURATION: 1-2 weeks (on-demand)

⚡️LEVEL: Total Beginners

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🌿 Two downloadable workbooks - going in-depth into each of our 6 Sustainability Pillars

🌿 On-demand videos which give an introduction to each of our 6 Sustainability Pillars

🦄 FREE Access to the MindfulCommerce Community

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 🎉  1-1 support when required

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2. Mindful Live Trainings

We host Live Trainings with our community experts twice per month and upload these to a library of pre-recorded training sessions for our community members to access in their own time. 

Our library is building every month, don't miss them!

📍LOCATION: 100% Online

⏰ DURATION: 30-45 minutes (per live training)

⚡️ LEVEL: Beginners

🦄 FREE Access to the MindfulCommerce Community

💚 Lifetime on-demand access to replays

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Trainings in the library include:

  1. How Your E-commerce Brand Can Stand Out And Profit With Mindful Marketing (Brands Are Alive)

  2. How to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint (C Free)

  3. "Must Haves" for your Ecommerce Homepage to keep your customers wanting more (Design Packs)

  4. Sustainability Strategy for Your Ecommerce Brand (EcoCart)

  5. Building a Conscious and Irresistible Ecommerce Brand (Business With Monica)

  6. Sustainability & Revenue Based Finance (Uncapped)

  7. Ethical, Mindful Branding for Your Business (Spark and Bloom Studios)

  8. The Value of Loyalty Programs & How They Can Help Increase Trust in Customers (Loyalty Lion)

  9. Sustainable Packaging & Shipping on a Budget (Packhelp, Byrd, MindfulCommerce)

  10. Better Customer Connections for Planet & Profit (Okendo, Reverie, & MindfulCommerce)

  11. The Circular Economy and How Online Retailers Can Get Involved (Recurate & One Circular World)

And so much more, growing every month!

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3. MindfulCommerce Consultancy Services

*Includes access to the MindfulCommerce Sustainability Course and Community*

In partnership with Kollectify, we offer mindful consultancy services to all MindfulCommerce community members (join community for free).

How it Works:


Complete our survey to grab your slot and make your payment (£1,000), so we can get to know you and your business better 🙌🏻


We will review your survey answers, complete an audit and write a recommendations report in PDF format for how to improve your business sustainability, positioning and communications 🗣 we cover:

  • Mindful Business

What you’re currently doing in your business that’s having a positive and negative impact on the planet. How can you improve?

From your operations and sourcing, to your marketing and SEO, we create a roadmap to guide you in the right direction to make your business more mindful!

  • Mindful Positioning

Recognise your full potential and get crystal clear on what makes you special - your positioning, purpose and values.

We will help you to strengthen your position in the market, create a tone of voice and style that will align with and attract the people you actually want to work with.

  • Mindful Communications

How can you communicate your efforts, align with your ideal audience and inspire others, too?

You’re doing incredible things for the world, now it’s time to shout about it - using your voice to build awareness of the issues and solutions and advocate for change in your industry.


We will send over our actionable report in PDF format and a video recording of us walking you through our audit and recommendations.


It’s time for you to start taking action and implement our recommendations!

You can ask us questions via our community platform for clarity on anything for 30 days.

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4. MindfulCommerce Workshops, Masterclasses and Speaking

We also offer workshops, masterclasses and speaking gigs around the topics:

Mindful Business, Mindful Positioning and Mindful Communications, covering all of our pillars in the MindfulCommerce Sustainability Framework.

Please email info@mindfulcommerce.io for more information.