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7 Conscious Shopify Plus Agencies To Help You Scale Mindfully

By Cat • 20 days ago

Shopify Plus is all about growth, opportunity and potential. With their commitment to carbon neutrality, Sustainability Fund and eco-conscious internal app development with Shop and Offset, we also happen to think they’re a pretty great platform choice for the more mindful ecommerce merchant.

When you look at the brands that have found success on Shopify’s “enterprise grade” platform, these days, it’s a pretty star-studded affair, spanning every vertical you can imagine from Kylie Cosmetics through to GymShark.

What do all these brands have in common? They all wanted to scale – fast and without worrying about consistent performance. If your brand is also ready to level up, quite literally meaning business, perhaps you’ve already checked out the platform and what it might offer you.

If you are stepping up to Shopify Plus, are you planning to go alone?

Ecommerce brands understandably try to make platform migrations few and far between. This means that it’s hard to gain perspective and experience. This is where the world of Shopify Plus agencies comes into its own – they’re well-practised in helping online brands seamless transition.

An established Shopify Plus agency can help you scale – but for the mindful retailer, that’s not enough. You’ll be looking for an agency that helps you grow in a way that supports your existing brand values. The agency that can help you scale sustainably.

At MindfulCommerce, we’re on a mission to connect like-minded retailers and service providers. To help matchmake mindful brands with the ethical Plus agencies that can help them go supersonic, we’ve put together a list of our top-rated Shopify Plus agencies – ones who share our dream of a more sustainable, mindful ecommerce industry for all.

Website Development

We Make Websites

We Make Websites are a well-known and respected Shopify Plus agency who are renowned for helping to take brands global. Originally famed for their strong fashion focus, today they’ve helped brands in a wide range of verticals find success on the Plus platform. As active members of the Shopify Partner community, they’re a well-liked and altruistic business.

How do they stack up when it comes to demonstrable values? In an industry where the average team is typically 80% male, it's good to see theirs made up of 45% women.

As an agency, they support three fantastic charities; CodeNation, The Outrunners and Indspire. We Make Websites also gives all staff three days off a year to volunteer with projects they are passionate about.

From Pangaia to Finisterre, they’ve also got some seriously cool sustainable brands on their books.

Learn more about We Make Websites here.


When it comes to experience, few other agencies can claim to have been working as long as blubolt, who have over 15 years practical experience in the ecommerce game. Today, they’re known for a strong focus on nurturing strong client connection – leveraging a hard-working, specialist team that prioritise communication and high quality output at all times.When it comes to verticals, blubolt are particularly experienced in working with brand retailers and omnichannel vendors – think household names and high street favourites such as Sea Salt, Tea Pigs, Frugi, Garden Trading, Sahara and more. However, since shifting their specialist focus to Shopify Plus, they’ve attracted a string of high profile fashion clients, bringing Alexa Chung and Never Fully Dressed to the Shopify Plus platform.The defining quality for blubolt as an agency is their compassion. They do a huge amount for charity, specifically with Bowel Cancer UK, which the agency sadly has a close personal connection with. Every year they raise thousands of pounds as a team, but they also built Bowel Cancer UK a great-looking new online store, on the house. Learn more about blubolt here.


Cringe is a dynamic Shopify agency offering design and development services, putting more than a decade of experience to good use. They’re known for their skill at curating hard-working third party technology to help their clients craft seamless user experience experiences.

They're also very well-versed in headless ecommerce architecture, so if you've outgrown a more traditional set-up, or are curious to explore the potential of achieving a lower digital footprint, you should definitely chat to Cringe.

At MindfulCommerce, we’re proud to say we work with Cringe for our own development requirements and have found them to be fantastic partners to date! They truly understand the importance of brand values, and will respect yours as they help you take the next steps along the path to ecommerce success. 

Learn more about Cringe here.

Website Development and Marketing

Nama Studio

Nama is an experienced Shopify agency that focuses on ethical and sustainable brands. They’re known for operating in a really transparent and proactive manner, ensuring their clients know exactly what’s happening – and why.

With past experience in Growth Hacking and Project Management with the biggest Japanese Shopify Plus Partner, they have an in-depth knowledge of the platform, and put it to great use chasing results for the brands they choose to work with

Nama prioritises encouraging carbon offsetting and donation-at-checkout setup, and are happy to help matchmake their clients with third-party solutions that can help them reach their goals regarding sustainability.

Nama practices what they preach as a business, and are continually exploring new ways in which they can mitigate their own impact as an agency. Beyond paperless working and offsetting their emissions, they’ve also pledged to dedicate at least half of their resources to sustainable/ethical clients – so if that sounds like your brand, get in touch!

Learn more about Nama here.


Swanky are known for creating amazing ecommerce experiences. They put more than a decade of industry experience to great use providing honest, effective digital consultancy that helps brands take their business to the next level.

One of Swanky’s big wins is the fact they offer more than store builds. They provide a full suite of digital solutions for brands looking to polish up every aspect of their business. In house experts are on hand to provide data-driven insight, and help clients create and execute tailored strategies that equip brands for sustainable growth.

Swanky recognise that more needs to be done when it comes to greening up our industry – they’re great at seeing the bigger picture. While many brands are upping their game when it comes to eco-friendly packaging and clothing recycling schemes, change is not yet being seen as widely when it comes to website development and marketing services. Swanky wants to change this.

Another big plus for Swanky is their partnership with climate change initiative Ecologis, they’ve become a climate positive workforce – removing more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than they generate.

Learn more about Swanky here. 


If you’re looking for a marketing agency that specializes in Shopify, Thooja have more than a decade of skin in the game. Not only do they wow clients with their marketing expertise, they’re also Shopify store owners themselves, so you can be sure that they’ll understand any concerns or questions you might have.

Thooja are really picky about who they work with – they want to ensure that they’re working with merchants who are on the same wavelength when it comes to adding value to the Shopify space and improving online retail for everyone – people and the planet.

They're members of 1% For The Planet, and have also partnered with Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce, as well as being members of the SME Climate Commitment. They're one of a select few businesses who are actually carbon-positive - removing more carbon from the atmosphere than they create.

Thooja also lays down the law when it comes to greenwashing. When it comes to sustainability, they know what they’re talking about – and they work with their clients to ensure that any promotional messaging used to promote their products will actually stand up to scrutiny. This is so important when it comes to building the collective trust of the modern conscious consumer.

Learn more about Thooja here.

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