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Putting the Eco- into Ecommerce: 6 of the Best Podcast Episodes for Businesses Who Want to Grow Sustainable & Ethically

By Fiona • 28 days ago

Before we dive into our favourite ecommerce podcasts, let’s first define what ecommerce is in business. Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce, internet commerce and online commerce, is the buying and selling of goods or services on the internet. Stores that sell their products online are ecommerce businesses. We’re sure many of you are aware of the big ecommerce giants such as Amazon and eBay but we’re also talking about small independant brands selling through their very own online stores. 

Since consumers are increasingly looking to businesses to adopt more sustainable practices, the spotlight is on the ecommerce world. Ecommerce is one of the world's greatest conveniences and it is now being recognised for its large environmental impact. Not only that, consumers are demanding more sustainable products, with this becoming an increasingly important criteria in purchase decision making.

This might seem daunting, but it’s an exciting opportunity for existing ecommerce businesses to tap into the conscious consumer. In addition, this shift will even present gaps in the market, allowing aspiring founders to set up an ecommerce business and do so as sustainably as possible from the get go.

So, where to start? Here at MindfulCommerce, we’re huge fans of podcasts as a source of inspiration to sustainably grow your ecommerce business. Podcasts are perfect for busy business owners who are constantly on the go, allowing for learning while multitasking, such as on your daily walk or during your commute.

We’ve selected six podcast episodes which put the eco- in ecommerce, inspiring you to reach your full potential as a founder and growing your business while keeping sustainability front and centre.

1. The Power of Us podcast: Episode 1 

The Power of Us podcast by The Telegraph is a mini series about what individuals, governments and businesses can do to work towards a sustainable future. In a panel style format, host Rachel Riley guides each discussion on some of the biggest issues facing our society today.

At only 20 minutes per episode, the information is concise and easy to digest. The first episode, ‘Business for Good’ asks the question - how can businesses be profitable and make a positive contribution to society? The all-star lineup includes entrepreneur and sustainable investor Simon Squibb; Adele Adamczewski, founder of Freight HHG; and Iancu Daramus, Senior Sustainability Analyst at Legal & General Investment Management. Listen for a general chat about what doing good means for businesses and how they can get there without sacrificing growth.

2. Brands Saving the Planet: Episode 2

If you’re focused on your triple bottom line (people, planet and profit), this podcast is for you. Brands Saving The Planet is a podcast for change makers to learn from other founders and experts whose startups are helping to build a better future for the planet. 

Host and Founder of Ola Impact Ethical Marketing Agency, Kelly Rogan, talks to some of the world's most inspiring entrepreneurs who are helping to make the world a better place. Founder of Infinity CPA Solutions, Alicea Cosmo, is the guest on this workshop-style episode that will give you the tools you need to lay the foundations for a sustainable and impactful business, with a focus on financials. Grab a tea or coffee and a pen and paper and settle in, this podcast is practical and requires some thinking!

3. Ecommerce Marketing School: #179

The perfect podcast for time-poor business owners, ecommerce Marketing School presents eight minute daily episodes for quick, practical advice on how to scale your Shopify business. Episode #179, titled ‘3 Ways To Make Your Shopify Store More Sustainable’ was broadcast on Earth Day, and features a short discussion with Dane Baker, Co-founder & CEO of EcoCart.

EcoCart gives customers an eco-friendly option at the checkout and has already helped to offset more than 25 million lbs of CO2 and save 848,000 trees. Expect tips you can implement right away and ideas to mull over as part of a longer-term sustainability strategy. 

Check out our interactive live training episode (replay) on the same topic with Dane Baker here.

4. GreenBiz 350: Episode 233

GreenBiz350 is a weekly podcast co-hosted by Joel Makower and Heather Clancy which covers the people and companies behind the headlines in sustainable business. Episode 233 was broadcast on Earth Overshoot Day and has a feature on whether ecommerce businesses can be sustainable.

The episode is quite long, so we recommend skipping to 19 minutes where the discussion around ecommerce and sustainability begins. The section is framed around a report released in 2020 called ‘The Roadmap to Sustainable ecommerce’ which outlines how major ecommerce businesses can use their influence to benefit the environment, without affecting their bottom line. This interesting discussion will get you thinking about how ecommerce as a whole can do better.

5. The Ethical Growth Marketing Podcast: Episode 3

The Ethical Growth Marketing Podcast explores strategies and tactics needed to scale a business in our ever-changing world, whilst also ensuring your business is sustainable and ethical. Episode 3 is an interview with Birgit Gunz, owner of Frankonia Bakery, an established B2B business of 20+ years. 

It covers topics such as the power of positive thinking and manifestation to handle business challenges and grow successfully. At 36 minutes, this episode will give you much to think about, as you reflect on the advice provided by a fellow business owner who’s faced many challenges along the way to success. 

6. The MindfulCommerce Podcast: Episode 3

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of our very own podcast, The MindfulCommerce Podcast. We launched this podcast with purpose-driven ecommerce entrepreneurs in mind, as we aim to discuss the role of ecommerce and how it can be improved to better protect our natural world. 

Hosted by MindfulCommerce founders Krissie and Rich, the episode we’ve chosen features an interview with Gerry McGovern, author of Worldwide Waste. This insightful discussion covers how the digital world is damaging our planet and Gerry shares what he thinks ecommerce brands and tech companies can do to tackle this problem. Amongst other topics, we discuss the ideal synergy of moving towards localisation and community with a dash of innovative technology and less data collection. 

What have we learnt?

Podcasts are such a great way to consume educational content, and can even give you a reason to take a break from your desk without feeling unproductive. This list is not exhaustive and we’re sure there are many more amazing, consciously-minded business podcasts out there.

As consumers continue to demand more conscious products, the spotlight on ecommerce will brighten and the need to align your business with sustainability will become more pressing. The great thing is, when brands act to reduce their impact on the environment, they are addressing consumer demands while protecting our precious planet.

We hope these podcasts provide you with some inspiration on where to start. By taking small steps towards more sustainable practices as an ecommerce business, we can make a difference and transform the industry as a whole. 

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