The benefits to joining the MindfulCommerce Community

5 Ways The MindfulCommerce Community Can Help Your Ecommerce Brand

By Cat • 6 April 2021

One of the best things about working within the ethical ecommerce space? We're all in this together. While online retail can sometimes feel like a cutthroat business, with competition at an all-time high, within the more mindful space, we've all got our eyes on a bigger prize: a more sustainable industry, working for the good of a greener, greater planet.

It's because of this camaraderie that the MindfulCommerce Community was created. Ethical retailers helping other ethical retailers is nothing new, but having one banner to rally ourselves under can - we hope - help make the process more efficient, effective and well... fun.

Let's take a quick look at five ways that free membership of the MindfulCommerce Community can help your brand.

1. Support from people who share your experience

When it comes to making the right choices in business, the brands trying to do the right thing for their bottom line and the planet have their work cut out.

With such a fine line to walk - and so much work needed to keep our industry moving forward - it can feel overwhelming at times. No one understands this better than your fellow mindful retailers, out there on the frontlines of retail and fighting the same fight.

Nothing beats an empathetic appreciation of the challenges you face. The MindfulCommerce Community gives you an outlet for the times when you feel disheartened, unsure or despondent.

Post about your problem in our friendly Facebook group, go and make yourself a brew and we guarantee that by the time you return to your screen, you'll have a whole host of understanding, friendly fellow merchants offering advice and support.

2. Free educational programming

With access to so much knowledge and experience through our ever-expanding membership, the MindfulCommerce team work hard to ensure this doesn't remain siloed.

Throughout the year, we run regular online events, that help connect our members to each other to learn and share their best tips and tricks.

These events are open to all members, totally free and come in a range of formats, from panel discussions featuring expert ecommerce solutions through to more informal meet ups, where we share our latest news and vent about the bigger issues we're seeing in our industry.

They're a great way to keep yourself at the cutting edge of the community, and to share your own experience, as well as learning from others.

3. Collaboration and connection

Team up and win! One of the best aspects of the MindfulCommerce community is the close alignment between business goals and models. It lays the foundation for some seriously productive partnerships and collaborations.

While we work hard to help connect merchants to third party assistance (see the next point in this article) some of the most exciting pairings we see come from merchants who strike up collaborations with other merchants.

Whether you're looking to get a better deal on a bigger packaging order that you split, share a supplier or even provide each other with new products in a wholesale capacity, the MindfulCommerce Community provides a ready-made resource for fantastic new business opportunities. With more members joining every day, the opportunity is endless.

4. Technical support from experts who align with your values

As we mentioned, collaboration isn't just possible with your merchant peers. MindfulCommerce also aims to connect brands looking to grow with leading apps, agencies and freelance experts who can help their wildest dreams come true.

The twist: all our experts are vetted for their shared commitment to improved sustainability. So you know that when you work with a solution that you've connected with via the MindfulCommerce Community or Directory, that you'll be working with people who share your values and appreciate what you're trying to achieve with your brand.

Typically, our experts have extensive specialist experience of working with sustainable, ethical brands, so you can be certain that you're in very safe, well practiced hands.

5. Inspiration on a daily basis

When it comes to a sustainable ecommerce industry, we know that there's a still long way to go. It can feel like a slog at times – especially when we see so many brands putting profit first without a thought for the planet, or we witness another disheartening greenwashing campaign from some of the high street big boys.

The MindfulCommerce Community can provide a helpful reminder that you're not alone. There are thousands of other brands determinedly plugging away at this too. And we're so much greater than the sum of our parts.

Checking in to the MindfulCommerce Community on a regular basis, you'll start to recognise the other brands making a difference, and become invested in their stories. We hope that by seeing other merchants win, you'll feel inspired to keep going too – with your growth cheered on, enabled and supported by everyone at MindfulCommerce.

Join the MindfulCommerce Community today, for free.