3 Reasons to Sponsor MindfulCommerce

3 Reasons to Support The MindfulCommerce Community

By Krissie • April 6, 2021

Did you know that the MindfulCommerce Community is currently seeking support? We're not looking to get rich here – the purpose of this movement is solely to progress the cause of a more sustainable ecommerce industry. But we do need to keep the lights on...

When it comes to supporting us, we've tried to make our offer an affordable "no brainer" for businesses keen to come on board. Why? Because we value your support as much as your monetary contribution. We want as many great names as possible joining rank and standing side by side with us, supporting our message of a brighter, greener future for ecommerce.

Sitting on the fence about supporting the MindfulCommerce Community? Read this :)

1. Align your brand with the most forward-thinking brands and industry experts

Supporting the MindfulCommerce Community brings you into step with some of the most switched on and ambitious brands working in ecommerce today. With a huge rise in conscious consumerism and general interest in sustainability from the buying public, the brands sitting up and paying attention now are the ones destined for success in the ever-expanding sustainable ecommerce space.

The MindfulCommerce Community puts you into close contact with these inspirational, visionary brands. Make personal connections, learn more about what makes them happy and how they see the world of online retail progressing.

Our events, groups and community channels all offer fantastic opportunities to sound out your ideas and questions with an engaged and passionate group of merchants at the forefront of this movement.

2. Get extra exposure in relevant podcast episodes, written content and more.

As a MindfulCommerce supporter, you'll be well and truly on our radar for participation in relevant content and resource generation. Acting as one of our trusted experts, if our podcast touches upon a topic that relates closely to your product or service, you'll be our first choice for a featured voice.

Connecting our members with brands that offer real expertise and genuine opportunity for more sustainable operations is at the heart of our mission - so although we'll never "hard sell" a service to the merchants who join us, we're absolutely onboard with singing the praises of the businesses that we know could be of real help to them, and we'll never miss an opportunity to feature, promote or suggest you when we perceive a good fit.

You'll also receive a listing in the MindfulCommerce Directory if this suits your business - so that our members and other merchants looking for third party help that aligns with their values can find and approach you for collaboration.

3. Be on the right side of history!

The future is sustainable ecommerce. It has to be. MindfulCommerce may be leading the charge, but we confidently guarantee that interest in ethical and environmental impact of online retail is going to absolutely ignite over the next few years.

We're in this for the mission - we're definitely ahead of the game when it comes to raising awareness and sharing resources in this area. Be one of the good guys, who supported and advocated for change in our industry right from the start!

So, can we count on you? 😇

If you'd like to join the MindfulCommerce movement as a supporter, we offer options from £300 upwards - because like we said, we want to get as many businesses involved so that our message for a greener, better future for ecommerce is spread far and wide.

You'll be highlighted on our website, with a logo and backlink – and we'll also announce your support across all of our social media and community channels.

Apply to become a MindfulCommerce Supporter today here.

If you haven't already, join The MindfulCommerce Community for free, here!