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Based out of Dublin, Ireland, Thooja have been marketing specialists within the Shopify space for over a decade. They place a strong focus on winning amazing ROI for the customers - and with a 100% retention rate, we'd say that this mutually beneficial strategy would appear to be paying off!

What helps set Thooja apart from many other agencies? They've got skin in the game! They're also Shopify store owners, and so you can expect complete empathy with your day to day challenges and concerns.

Sounds great - what's the catch? Well, they're choosy. Thooja don't work with any old client - they only work with brands that are ethical and that want to grow sustainably! And as you've found them via the MindfulCommerce Directory, we'd say that puts you in a very strong position! You'll be joining the likes of amazing sustainable brands such as Ksoni, Summer Sweets Baby, Natural Elements, Irish Green Guys and HBHM.

Why We Love Thooja 💚

Beyond being really selective about only working with ethical brands committed to sustainability, we know that Thooja have a whole raft of other practices in place to help ensure that their agency is a force for good within the Shopify space.

They're members of 1% For The Planet, signed up with Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce and part of the "race to zero" as members of the SME Climate Commitment. They're one of a select few businesses who are actually carbon-positive - removing more carbon from the atmosphere than they create.

They're also totally on it when it comes to greenwashing - this is about way more than lip service, Thooja are chasing real results, and holding their clients accountable to the claims that they make. We cannot applaud this highly enough!