Swanky are a Shopify Plus agency that's all about the experience – great for your customers, great for your team and the planet. With over a decade of industry experience under their belts, they're well-placed to provide honest, expert digital consultancy when it comes to choosing the right ecommerce platform for a brand's unique needs.

They combine cutting-edge design with extensive knowledge of user experience and innovative technical solutions to build stunning Shopify Plus stores – that drive engagement and sales.

As a fully integrated ecommerce agency, Swanky don't just stop at building online stores. They also offer a full suite of digital solutions for brands looking to elevate their ecommerce strategy. After launching a new ecommerce site, they leverage data (and their considerable experience) to create and execute tailored growth strategies that equip brands for sustainable scalability.

Swanky clients have access to a multi-disciplinary team of specialists, whose expertise range from conversion rate optimisation and subscription to PPC management and email marketing.

Why We Love Swanky

Swanky are an agency after our own heart – they recognise that whilst some efforts are being made to integrate greener initiatives into the ecommerce industry (such as eco-friendly packaging and clothing recycling schemes) as yet, sustainable solutions haven’t stretched to ecommerce website development and marketing services.

Swanky is working hard to change this – and we're delighted that they've teamed up with MindfulCommerce to help spread the word. They've also joined forces with climate change initiative Ecologi to become a climate positive workforce that removes more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than they generate. Swanky funds renewable energy and forest protection projects across the globe, which not only offsets their carbon footprint but also helps to create employment for local families whilst restoring wildlife habitats.

By integrating sustainability into the core of their operations, Swanky is enabling the businesses they work with to minimise their environmental impact as well. MindfulCommerce is very proud to be working alongside an agency that's establishing a blueprint for sustainable ecommerce services, supporting their clients and customers to make more ethical, environmentally-friendly choices.

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