ShoppingGives offer the best of all worlds to ecommerce merchants ready to make a difference. They enable brands to seamlessly give back to the causes that they (and their customers) care about, while simultaneously accelerating brand growth through charitable giving, which can boost customer loyalty, AOV, and conversion rate.

Historically, this kind of seamless donation has been difficult for ecommerce brands to integrate. In addition to complex regulatory considerations, adding the process natively into the customer’s purchase journey simply wasn't possible, and as a result, the process felt disjointed – not something you want to be messing with when it comes to the check out process!

ShoppingGives has changed all that; empowering ecommerce brands to involve their customers in their giving strategy, creating more authentic and engaging interactions between merchants and their customers.

Brands using ShoppingGives also have full control over the way that they give back and with various possibilities for customizing their giving, getting as granular as setting specific products to donate to specific causes. ShoppingGives also ensures that all brands who utilize their technology are in compliance with cause marketing regulation so that brands, customers, and nonprofits alike are protected.

Why We Love ShoppingGives 🛍

Simply put, ShoppingGives makes it beyond easy for brands to give back. We know that many of the brands we work with wish they were doing more with regard to donation and cause marketing, but the amount of red tape and regulation can feel off-putting, and with smaller marketing teams, sometimes it can simply be hard to find the necessary bandwidth.

Whenever we've spoken with ShoppingGives, their real determination to revolusionize this space has come through loud and clear. They're already working with a lots of amazing, sustainability-focused brands such as Kenneth Cole, Dr. Bronner’s, Kobelli, Awara Sleep Darby Scott and Fresh Clean Tees.

Whether it’s biking to work, composting, or even sewing reusable napkins, their team are all taking action to protect our environment. In the office, ShoppingGives staff all use reusable water bottles and cutlery to reduce plastic waste every day.

If you're looking for an end-to-end donation solution that enables you to give back while saving time to focus on your business, ShoppingGives are well worth exploring.

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