Noughts & Ones Cover Image
Noughts & Ones Cover Image


Hey planet lover 👋

We are a Shopify agency partnering with purpose-driven, conscious Ecommerce brands to make a meaningful impact online. We’re advocates for a better world, passionate Shopify experts, cheerleaders for sustainable commerce, and an all-round friendly bunch of creative developers. Our transparent, collaborative and low-impact approach to custom Shopify design, development and strategic growth partnerships ensure that we build long-lasting, collaborative relationships with our clients.

Why we love this

Firstly, they helped us to bring this incredibly useful directory to life with their coding creativity and dedication to building low-impact websites (very important to us at MindfulCommerce). They really do care about the planet.

Secondly, like us, they’re big fans of sustainable Ecommerce and are a climate-driven workforce. Committed to looking after our planet in every way they can, they even have a conscious development framework! Noughts & Ones are part of Ecologi, striving to reduce their carbon footprint and plant trees in places that desperately need them.

Noughts & Ones are collaborative, dedicated and extremely fun to work with! We are proud to be able to vouch for that.

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