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ModusVert is the brainchild of Gordon Bazeley – a well-practised ecommerce consultant with twelve years of first-hand experience in senior product management roles. Growing increasingly concerned with the looming impact of climate change, Gordon found his calling in helping merchants on their journey towards sustainability.

Today, ModusVert contributes towards the decarbonisation of the ecommerce industry by helping merchants to understand their environmental impact, review their options when it comes to making a dependable plan of action, strategise to formulate short and long term goals and then implement change throughout their entire organisation.

If you're looking for a helping hand as you move towards a low impact operation, ModusVert offer a really comprehensive and supportive service.

Why We Love ModusVert ❤️

ModusVert take a real "belt and braces" approach to tackling the impact of businesses – we're big fans of this thorough approach. They’ve got great advice to give on all aspects of ecommerce operations from strategy, development and design to logistics.

Having worked at the coalface of ecommerce, Gordon has a deep empathy with the everyday struggles and stresses of those in the industry, and we think this level of understanding is critical when working closely with a business to implement lasting change.

They also practise what they preach - which is so important. Their website, for example, is hosted with Cloudflare - which runs a distributed CDN, close to customers and running on renewable energy.

This experience means ModusVert don't take a "one-size-fits-all" approach to sustainability. They work with you to understand your business and create a pragmatic action plan tailored to your needs. And most importantly, they help you put your plan into action – something MindfulCommerce can't applaud enough!