Jebbit is a leading platform for ecommerce brands who are looking to build highly personalised customer journeys, while capturing zero party data at scale. While most brands are looking for ways to adopt a more “consumer first” mindset when it comes to data collection, it can be hard to achieve the results you’re looking for without worrying about ever evolving compliance requirements.

Jebbit takes away this worry, helping brands to stay one step ahead of privacy and data protection rules as they produce fun and engaging customer experiences such as quizzes, live polling, interactive lookbooks and more.

Jebbit is supremely user friendly - no coding required. Instead, brands can take their pick of templates from a generous library. The no-code builder then allows you to create your experience, and once you’ve set it live, you’ll enjoy real time analytics, as well as the ability to segment and filter by attribute.

Jebbit are experts when it comes to Shopify and Shopify Plus, but their technology will integrate across any other e-commerce platform or tools in your technology stack.

Why We Love Jebbit 💚

As the sun sets on third party cookies, zero party data is becoming a huge deal for brands looking to deliver a refined marketing experience - this is important for all brands, and especially for the ones with more opinionated, conscious customers!

Zero party data also represents a very ethical way to engage with your customers when it comes to data collection – zero party data is freely and consensually given, with customers understanding that their information is being exchanged for an enhanced or improved brand experience. So you can feel good about collecting it, knowing it will be used to actively improve the relationship you have with your customers, and the value that they can get from your brand.

At MindfulCommerce, we’re also big fans of anything that allows our members to get a better handle on their customer data - beyond collection - and the ability to provide segmentation is a powerful one. By segmenting your lists based on attributes and preferences, you’ll be able to provide much more targeted messaging, offers and promotions - meaning less inconsiderate data transfers.

Why Jebbit? They’re doing plenty of good behind the scenes as well. As well as a new tree planting scheme taking root, they also have a policy of making regular charitable contributions, and operate a solid DEI committee, which covers HR and hiring, culture and internal policy.

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