Earthchain provides tools to help everyone – businesses and individuals alike – fight climate change through a wide range of innovative measures. After almost 20 years spent working in financial technology, founder Dan Graf turned his attention towards developing technology to aid society and the planet.

Their core proposition centres around providing services and integrations which enable e-commerce checkouts to estimate carbon emissions for a sale. They then provide integrated best quality carbon offsetting.

Earthchain's APIs make it possible to measure the CO2 emissions of any purchase, inform your customer about the impact, and offer them integrated carbon offsetting at the point of sale. In most cases, carbon offsetting a single purchase results in a very low cost for the customer or retailer - a micropayment - but the resulting funds generate real support for projects around the world which not only reduce carbon emissions but achieve extensive benefits for local communities.

If you're using Earthchain as an individual, you've got access to a deep insight into your personal carbon footprint. Simply your bank accounts securely to Earthchain and share some information about your habits & lifestyle, and you'll be given expert advice on how to make greener choices - or offered offsetting where improvements cannot be made.

Why We Love Earthchain

Earthchain is dedicated to the lowest possible climate impact – and this extends to their own business operations, where they truly lead by example.

From trying not to travel for business whenever possible (or choosing the lowest impact option and offseting the CO2 emissions through our own platform where travel is unavoidable) through to donating 1.5% of their income Stripe's Climate Partner scheme – Earthchain go over and above when it comes to running a planet-friendly business.

Earthchain is a signatory of the SME Climate Commitment, which means they've pledged to achieve net-zero by 2050, and halve our emissions by 2030. Founder Dan Graf has also completed training and is certified as Carbon Literate.

Home working is fully supported, and their own home office is powered by 100% renewable energy, using locally generated solar power with battery storage and LED lighting.

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