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Say hello to Cringe Studio! This dynamic agency design and develop Shopify and headless e-commerce stores, leveraging 10+ years experience. They place a strong focus on hard-working technology and can help you create best-in-class, tailored commerce experiences.

Based out of Milan, Italy (how could they fail to design a beautiful website, hailing from this stylish location?), Cringe will take care of helping you scale your business by optimising the technology behind it, and are especially well-versed in assisting with migrations to Shopify or Shopify Plus.

They're also experts in headless ecommerce solutions, so if you're started to run into issues with a more traditional set-up, as you scale (with a lower digital footprint), we'd highly recommend Cringe for their very knowledgable assistance in this area.

Why We Love Cringe

MindfulCommerce is very proud to say that we work with Cringe Studio directly for the development of our own projects, including our low impact MindfulCommerce headless website! We can confirm - first hand - that they are an utter joy to work with 🥰

Cringe really understand the importance of brand values, and as a Studio, they'll help you sell not only your products but also the values that underpin your business. They're also experienced when it comes to integrating third-party solutions that can help you run a greener online operation, from tree planting to reducing returns.

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