Business With Monica
Business With Monica

If you're an ethical ecommerce entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level but lacking in some element of the strategic branding "know-how" that will get you the results you need, look no further. Monica Sharma-Patnekar lends her considerable experience and expertise to help ethical businesses grow and thrive, from their key foundations upwards.

The importance of brand cannot be overstated within ecommerce – feeding into messaging, content, copy, design, product choices and so much more. Working with someone like Monica not only gives you access to the treasure trove of her considerable skill, earned over time – it also gives you a valuable, honest and objective view of your own business vision - which can be absolutely priceless when it comes to progression.

By helping you build both a brand and a plan that will carry you forwards, you'll soon find yourself communicating with your audience in a way that not only moves them to take action in the first instance – but which keeps them coming back for more.

Why We Love Monica 😍

Monica truly understands what it means to be a business for whom ethics and sustainability are more than just buzzwords. She has a fantastic attitude towards mindful commerce, and we especially love her realistic approach (getting the main building blocks into place, then focusing on the finer details which will naturally follow.) She has a really great attitude towards perfectionism, which should reassure all business owners who feel like fear of failure is keeping them from truly committing to change.

We know that Mindful Business underpins all real success in the arena of ethical online retail - without those solid foundations, you simply can't build a credible, truly sustainable empire. With Monica, we feel you can be sure that you're laying the very best of groundwork - benefiting from her wealth of experience (she's worked with Fortune500 companies and was even hired by Google to coach their premium partners – 7 figure scale-ups Tech, SaaS & agencies who work with eCommerce businesses.)

If you're looking to refine, perfect and action a fantastic brand strategy with a partner that shares your values, we highly recommend reaching out to Monica.