Brett is a very talented creative designer with 5 years of experience, specifically in UX Design and Graphic Design. His passion lies in helping mindful businesses to discover their true brand identity and bring it to life for others to admire!

Brett uses his design skills to mindfully communicate compelling stories about products which help the environment.

UX Design, in particular, is about finding the users pain points and figuring out how the product can resonate with its users.”

I think it's important to make sure that whatever deliverables we put out in the world are making the most positive environmental impact.

We love Brett because...

We love that Brett has a burning desire to help sustainable companies with their branding and their identity, whether that is getting user feedback or creating a compelling story that can resonate with your user base, Brett can help to create the solution through design.

Brett is currently contributing his time to a community project we are working on (top secret) and we can vouch for his dedication and passion for helping the planet and people before profit. Brett is a dream to work with!

Thank you, Brett!

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